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May 20, 2019

Barbara Lazaroff is the Queen of Beverly Hills. Barbara is a world-renowned designer and restauranteur. She is the woman behind the famous Spago and Wolfgang Puck Restaurants, using her brilliant branding strategies to grow the company all over the world. A philanthropist as well, Lazaroff has dedicated her life to empowering women and using her platform to help those in need. 


She met her now former husband, Wolfgang Puck, at age 25 and they were married in 1983. Together they created the worldwide Wolfgang Puck Brand that is known for its unique style. 

To help their restaurant brand take off, Lazaroff established Imaginings Design in 1981. She was the sole designer for the Wolfgang Puck restaurants, including Spago Hollywood, Spago Beverly Hills, and all the Cafés.  

Her restaurant designs are found all over the world, from Spago Tokyo to the Wolfgang Puck Café in Melbourne, Australia.

Another one of Lazaroff’s goals for branding was to make people feel like they were eating at home and part of the family. 

In 2014, she went on to design a dinnerware line called the Flame of Life, inspired by her original poem, and a portion of the proceeds go towards supporting a variety of her charities. 

As you can see, Barbara Lazaroff has been very influential as a restauranteur, designer, and in branding. She has a long list of achievements in many fields, including design, philanthropy, and fashion.