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Aug 31, 2021

Brian Galke created to help both people, and organizations, find new and unique ways to enhance their interactions with others. Having worked in a variety of industries and positions, from behind the scenes to the front line. He brings a breadth of experience as an educator, trainer, and dynamic facilitator mixed in with a side of southern swagger.

Brian has worked with dozens of companies throughout his career in a myriad of industries. He has unique knowledge in marketing, sales, customer service, process improvement, leadership coaching, and employee empowerment. Whatever the need, you can always count on Brian to bring fresh ideas and new solutions to the table. Subtle Skills has not only helped organizations but also people improve their relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

In the past, he has held positions as a Sales Executive, where he was part of a strategy team that would travel throughout the U.S. to give demonstrations to multi-million dollar key accounts. Not too bad for a guy who began his career on a help desk, and only took the job to avoid in-person interaction.

Brian noticed as he spent time expanding his social skills through books, classes, and coaching, professional promotions followed. His desire to keep improving led to nine poignant career moves in fifteen years. These opportunities have allowed him to engage in various industries, including finance, health care, e-commerce, telco, automotive, and government.