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Apr 27, 2021

Curt Cuscino is the Founder & CEO of HypeLife Brands, a progressive brand development & marketing agency helping disruptive B2C lifestyle startups engage the Millennial Generation. 
Since HypeLife Brands’ inception in 2001, Curt's team at HypeLife has consistently employed a highly progressive approach to creating powerful, engaging brands and fundable startups in the ever-changing "universe of brand," while employing a heavy focus on precision marketing, keenly focused on building customer traction and long-term ROI.
His highly-awarded agency team's ability to navigate and master change quickly for HypeLife’s select roster of clients — a necessity in the digital age — sets HypeLife apart from your typical agency, enabling them to be far more nimble in tight spaces than many of their larger (and slower-moving) agency competitors. This unique agility makes HypeLife a highly valuable asset for their clients and those who are truly ready to elevate their brand to the next level.