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Mar 9, 2020

Ed Clay is an accomplished MMA fighter, Jujitsu trainer and cancer fighter. 

Ed Clay is a former professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, at one point, ranked as high as number 9 in the world. He ran one of the largest Mixed Martial Arts schools in the United States with multiple students fighting in events such as the Ultimate Fighting Championships.

His clothing brand, Gameness, which was acquired in 2011, was one of the largest supplier of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Arts uniforms in the world. He was a MMA co-host of a highly rated FM sports radio show for 8 years. He is the former owner and Editor in Chief of Submission Fighter magazine.

 In 2015, along with his 2 partners Scott Nelson and Deddrick Perry, Clay acquired the CHIPSA hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Ed is interested in developing solutions to address some of the glaring issues with cancer management in the United States and is a strong supporter of integrative immunotherapy: the concept of bringing together the conventional and alternative sides of medicine to improves patient outcomes.