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Mar 9, 2021

Scott Phillips - I spent most of my life as a career criminal and drug dealer and through a weird coincidence I became one of the first adult internet entrepreneurs in 1996.

- I'd been using the web since the first beta version of Mosaic, and I remember when there was 8 websites on the whole internet. I think I'm one of a handful of people who can claim to have seen "the whole internet".
- My very first day of operation in May 1996 I made 1000 sales off organic traffic, and did even more the second day. 4 months after starting I was a millionaire at age 21.
- Was the 25th adult website on the internet, the 4th affiliate program of any sort, and eventually became the 3rd largest adult internet business (before I ruined my life, which I'll get to)
- By 1998 was using 90% of Australia's whole internet bandwidth
- 33 violent felony convictions, 2x FTC investigations, 18 million dollars worth of lifetime fines
- From 1994-2007 there was not one single day I was not either in jail, out on bail, on parole, or on suspended sentence.
- Still listed on the spamhaus/rokso (register of known spam operations) worst 200 spammers of all time list
- As internet porn became saturated I switched verticals into online pharmacies and SMS dating products.

In 2006 I went back to prison (for kidnapping and torturing some people who I caught breaking into my house) and I became determined to change my life. I got off crystal meth (which I'd been injecting daily for years) by going to narcotics anonymous meetings inside.

I'd naturally assumed that when I got clean, I'd go back to making even more money than before, but my whole personality had changed, and my mindset was wrong for making money. Also, it was post 2008 and I never realized how much a boom economy made me look better than I was.

The next 10 years were extremely frustrating. I was finally, a person I wasn't ashamed to be. I was clean, happy, helping people, but my earning capacity seemed to be capped at around $200K/year. Along the way I had several failed businesses, and I had attracted and accepted mediocrity in every area of my life.

I'd spent my time since getting out of prison learning everything I could about trading and investing. But it wasn't making me rich.

I'd been selling my trading systems, and I thought I "knew marketing". But if I was so good, how come I wasn't making millions of dollars a year like good marketers do?

I'd gone from being a truly exceptional (if amoral, ruthless and dangerous) young man, to a truly medicore middle aged man.

It was clear that the difference between then-me and now-me was all in my mindset.

So I started a journey of systematically addressing my fundamental beliefs around who I am and my capacity for growth.

I got a mindset coach, a therapist, started meditating several hours a day, joined copy accelerator, launched a new product, and I'm in the process of dialing in a new funnel, which is fascinating, incredibly scary, and extremely difficult.