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Jan 19, 2021

Talor Zamir - In 2013, Talor was wracked with intense, inexplicable pain and inflammation that was putting his health, his hope, and his family’s financial future in danger. He could not type more than a couple sentences without feeling massive pain throughout his arms. Desperate for relief, or even an answer, he turned to multiple medical professionals, both mainstream and alternative, to no avail. He deteriorated to the point where he had to use a voice dictation software because he couldn't type more than a couple sentences without massive pain. His anxiety about his ability to support his family escalated to panic. 

Talor refused to give up, he came to the all-important realization that INflammation comes from INside of you. He had an epiphany. He started to change what he put IN his body and mind instead of treating it from the outside. This new understanding began to change everything. He returned from his quest, victorious, having been led to the solutions he had all along been seeking. How he successfully put out the fire of pain and inflammation is why he created Peak Performance. He now has a new quest: to help others transform their health and life in the same way he did.