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Jun 10, 2019

Tim Larkin is the global leader in personal-protection training. Tim is the founder of Target Focus Training and author of New York Times bestselling book, “Surviving the Unthinkable”.  Over the last 25 years and counting, Tim has taught everyone from Navy SEALS to regular citizens how to survive unavoidable violent attacks. 

  • Growing up in a military family and the teachings embedded at an early age
  • How the Navy Seals training course behind his house paved his path in life
  • The dive that changed everything; the injury that put him on a new journey
  • Hand to hand combat training
  • His lethal techniques caused him to be banned from the UK
  • A social violence vs Antisocial violence
  • Training civilians how to protect themselves
  • How to be your own first responder when violence crosses your path

 Tim Larkin is passionate about teaching others to recognize their behaviors and how to handle situations before they escalate to violence. Change your mind set to be the cause of a better outcome.

Get your free book, text: protectself to 888555