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Jan 23, 2019

Alice Little is the number one sex entrepreneur and relationship expert. Alice Little stands at 4’8” but her presence is much bigger. She explains how being able to speak about the most uncomfortable, most stigmatized topic, makes her an excellent communicator - something that people come to the ranch for far more than sex. Some interesting things about the Bunny Ranch where Alice works are:

  • The facility has an on site doctor that the women see once a week
  • Clients can either request a specific woman or participate in a lineup to find who interests them most
  • The difference between a legal prostitute and an illegal one is that the legal one has complete control of who they work with or choose not to work with
  • Some of the clients at the Ranch aren’t even there for sex

If not for sex, why are they there? Alice speaks about all the distractions in day to day life and how people are no longer present and in the moment. The need for intimacy and companionship is the largest driving force that brings people to the Ranch. Alice is an open book and can provide that to her clients. Throughout the episode she speaks to the things she looks for in a client as well as breaks down some of the walls up around sex.

  • Outward appearance doesn’t indicate who you are on the inside, and what is on the inside is always far more important
  • In order the be better communicators, we need to learn to be present in the moment, have and maintain direct eye contact, and to be comfortable in our own skin
  • Content is superior to appearance and leads to the genuine and authentic
  • Sex can be cheap, the value is in the intimacy
  • While love can have a sexual component there is far more to love than sex and on the flip side sex can simply be an act or it can be an act tied in with an emotion
  • Social media and pornography are a caricature of reality

What’s next for Alice? Given her ability to communicate so effortlessly about sex and being a sex worker, she’s looking to tackle education. Only 13 out of the 50 US States require scientifically accurate sexual education. As a sex worker, she’s seen the negative effects of this first hand. She brings her open book personality to her podcast and website and is ready and willing to answer any questions you might have. Just don’t objectify her or you’ll be in for some serious schooling about what it really means to be a sex worker and the power of communication.

You can find Alice Little at:, by email at or give her podcasts a listen: Coffee with Alice, and Wing Woman.