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Apr 29, 2019

Sasha Larkin is Las Vegas Metropolitans' Police Captain. She is one of the few women to ever become police captain at LVMPD. Of course, you wouldn't guess her career choice by looking at her.

  • Learn what inspired Sasha to want to join law enforcement at just 4 years old.


  •  Show girl feathers and sequins to gun holding holsters and Kevlar. A police sergeant changed the course Sasha was on and invited her to join the department and fulfill her dream.           
  • Think GI Jane, and you'll recognize what Sasha had to go through. Shaving her head to follow in line with the same standards as the men.


  • She is the first female captain to oversee and command Northwest area command, one of the largest, most diverse area commands in the valley. 


  • The climb to the position of captain was not over night, the hard work and focus had to be front and center.


  • Sasha talks about mentoring young women that want to join the law enforcement field.


  • How multiple police officer involved shootings forced Sasha to step back and by doing so she was able to build a stronger foundation and move forward in her career.


  • Sasha is concerned about current technology with younger generations. There is a serious lack of communication skills because of texting.


  • Learn how "command presence" helps to start the lines of communication in any situation.


Sasha is not only a stunningly beautiful woman, she is intelligent, articulate and a force to be reckoned with. She is on the path to change the way society views women around the world. Sasha inspires women to stand up, stand strong and go after their passions. Teaching others how to communicate is key in order to change communities moving forward.