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Jun 3, 2019

Tucker Max is a best-selling author, investor & entrepreneur. He shares with Steve what he has learned over the years after surviving his old bad boy addictive lifestyle and turning his life around to the success and happiness of today.

  • Being a best-selling author, selling millions of books.
  • What made him grow from the party animal lifestyle.
  • Why the addictions helped him escape from the real life he was living.
  • Tucker’s childhood and how that affected him.
  • How emotional promiscuity filled a hole in his psyche.
  • How he mastered college and law school.
  • Tucker was an attorney for a short minute before being fired.
  • When he wrote his first book and what he writes about.
  • Why you should care more about your readers than your idea
  • The best places to go to get published
  • Why emotional health is one of the most important things in any relationship.

Listen and learn how Tucker’s no bs approach to writing and publishing bestselling books, can help you write yours.